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Effortlessly express your thoughts, share feedback, and voice concerns in real-time. Your input is invaluable—actively contribute to shaping a more productive workplace.

Scan your voice feature can enhance communication, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being within the organization.

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Easy steps to share your feedback

Simply scan the QR code and unlock direct communication with AMARA, your virtual buddy

Step 1 Scan the QR code

Use the following QR code to access the AMARA inbound anonymous chat feature, which provides a direct channel to HR. Feel free to utilize this feature to share your valuable feedback and reach out to HR whenever you need assistance.

Step 2 Verify using an OTP

Access AMARA' s chat using your corporate email and complete the verification process by confirming an OTP sent to your email address. This procedure is implemented for security and data protection reasons, as Amara requires authentication of your email identity.

Step 3 Select the conversation

You can either initiate a new conversation with AMARA or opt to resume a previous inbound chat. In the case of a new conversation, you'll be presented with several buckets to choose from.

Step 4 Chat with AMARA

Feel free to engage in a conversation with AMARA, where you can openly communicate your feedback and provide any relevant details. Subsequently, AMARA will relay this information to your organization's HR team while maintaining utmost respect for your anonymity.

Use cases

The "Scan Your Voice" feature can be a valuable tool for both employees and companies across various use cases.

Here are several ways this functionality can be utilized


Employee Feedback and Engagement

Employees can provide real-time feedback on workplace experiences, projects, and initiatives.


Whistleblower Protection

Allow employees to anonymously report any unethical practices, misconduct, or violations within the organization.


POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Complaints

Enable employees to anonymously report incidents of sexual harassment within the workplace.


Anonymous Concerns and Suggestions

Employees may feel more comfortable sharing concerns or suggestions anonymously, fostering an environment of openness.


Ideation and Innovation

Encourage employees to submit innovative ideas or suggestions for process improvement.


Wellness and Mental Health Check-ins

Use the feature to conduct anonymous mental health check-ins, allowing employees to express their well-being without fear of judgment.


Loved By Industry Leaders

“Philips adopted Amara as an engagement platform in 2019 and we have had a good experience with AI chatbot Amara. Amara gives a human touch to the feedback mechanism and enables HR function to utilize data collected from employees very effectively.”


Sakshi Sharma


Our challenges of scheduling people, logistics and ambiguity in inputs are things of the past at the same time people are happy to open up. I am also extremely happy with the Amara's team who are super quick in their response. ‘Thank you Amara!’


Lakshmi Menon

Joint VP-HR

People have become more clear and subjective in sharing their problems.It is now possible for the HR team to mark out the pain areas of an individual and help them with solutions. AI is the next happening tool in the industry, and any organization that is keen to relate to the young genius should definitely opt for Amara.


Deepa Arora

HR Head

Amara has enabled us in proactively reaching out to employees and addressing their concerns. The participation from employees has also increased significantly because of the intuitiveness and ease of use of the tool.”


Subik Kumar

Philips Innovation Campus

Employee Experience a focus area for you? Partner with 'AMARA' to know the real time pulse of your employees at work and leverage her conversational skills to create a “WOW” Experience for them!!!"


Sanjay Baxla


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