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Continuous Engagement

Meet Amara,

Amara is an embodied chatbot empowered by artificial intelligence (AI). In other words, she is a bot programmed to chat with employees intelligently, in a human avatar. She can reach out to employees at critical touch points in their employee lifecycle and find out those who are disengaged or at an attrition risk.

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Three key steps of Continuous engagement

Amara is launched as a friend to employees and as an assistant to the CHRO. Having a human-like persona helps her win the trust of people she approaches, enhancing the speed and rate of response.

Step 1 Select touch points & questions

An agile Amara aligns easily with each organization’s unique requirement

Pre-define specific touch points between Amara and employees adjusting the communication tone and the question bank to derive outstanding results.

Step 2 Personalized interactions with employees

In-built with capabilities such as sentiment analysis and psychological interpretation

Amara can strike a chord with employees by personalizing the chat, understanding their pain points and displaying genuine empathy, thus encouraging them to confide in her.

Step 3 People Insights at your finger tip

Enabling HR to quickly gauge employee satisfaction at the workplace

Amara uses predictive analytics to monitor employee sentiments and provide actionable insights on the dashboard.

Converts huge volumes of qualitative data moods, attitudes, and emotions into numbers

Monitors employee sentiments and provides actionable insights on the dashboard by using predictive analytics


Key features that makes Amara different and better


Customisable touchpoints

Customise employee reach outs to meet your company' requirements


Customisable question sets

Customise the questions based on customisable reach-outs. You always have an option to pick from our templates


Customisable admin access

Give access of dashboard to managers, leaders and other HRBPs based on location, grade, departments, site etc..


Anonymous messages

Employees can reach out to AMARA anonymously anytime during the year. We also have an option to request for an identity.


Customisable reminders & follow up templates

Select from the list of templates or curate your own content for communication with employees.


Advanced analytics

Examination of response data or content to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.


Multiple dashboard views

Amara uses predictive analytics to monitor employee sentiments and provide actionable insights on the dashboard.


Advanced Filters ( 40+)

Custom filters are available to slice and dice the data and do the RCA (Root cause analysis).


Custom reporting engine

Sometimes the insights you request cannot be discovered in a standard report. That’s why Amara allows you to build and save your own custom reports.


Heat maps

Quickly identify high points and low points across your organization. These widgets are ideal for visualizing comparisons around multiple engagement drivers.


Employee life cycle report

Visualize how an employee engages with the company at different stages in an employee lifecycle.

Key platform functionalities

Calendar integration

Set up meetings directly from the dashboard and resolve the tickets or assign it to the concerned team or HR business partners.

Employee ticket assignment

Assign tickets to the concerned team or HR business partners. This allows you to work as a team to resolve an employee issues.

Send acknowledgment

Acknowledgement emails are up to you as to how detailed you want them to be. Compose a standard reply or edit the content.

Block employee interaction

You can block an employee directly from the panel and AMARA will stop interacting with the employee.

Resolution summary

Enabling this feature will record the comments from HRBP post the successful closing of an employee dispute/grievance.

Multiple communication channels

Amara's chats can be deployed across multiple communication channels like Emails, SMS, Slack and many more.

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What our customers have to say

“Philips adopted Amara as an engagement platform in 2019 and we have had a good experience with AI chatbot Amara. Amara gives a human touch to the feedback mechanism and enables HR function to utilize data collected from employees very effectively.”


Sakshi Sharma


Our challenges of scheduling people, logistics and ambiguity in inputs are things of the past at the same time people are happy to open up. I am also extremely happy with the Amara's team who are super quick in their response. ‘Thank you Amara!’


Lakshmi Menon

Joint VP-HR

People have become more clear and subjective in sharing their problems.It is now possible for the HR team to mark out the pain areas of an individual and help them with solutions. AI is the next happening tool in the industry, and any organization that is keen to relate to the young genius should definitely opt for Amara.


Deepa Arora

HR Head

Amara has enabled us in proactively reaching out to employees and addressing their concerns. The participation from employees has also increased significantly because of the intuitiveness and ease of use of the tool.”


Subik Kumar

Philips Innovation Campus

Employee Experience a focus area for you? Partner with 'AMARA' to know the real time pulse of your employees at work and leverage her conversational skills to create a “WOW” Experience for them!!!"


Sanjay Baxla


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