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Amara's release is comparable to a festival. We create a buzz and celebrate Amara's arrival with employees. A glimpse from our recent onboarding

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We have zero churn in last 3 years and here are a few reasons listed below.

Amara gives a human touch to the feedback mechanism and enables HR function to utilize data collected from employees very effectively. The product is also continuously updating itself making it more usable and effective for us” AMARA is Great!




Our challenges of scheduling people, logistics and ambiguity in inputs are things of the past at the same time people are happy to open up. I am also extremely happy with the Amara's team who are super quick in their response. Thank you Amara!.




People have become more clear and subjective in sharing their problems. It is now possible for the HR teams to mark out the pain areas of an individual and help them with solutions. Amara is WOW!




It's great to see how an AI chatbot can give you amazing insights about your people and can also suggest critical improvement areas.




Let's not wait for annual surveys. Partner with AMARA and work on the continuous listening strategy that helps you know the real-time pulse of your employees at work and leverage it to create a WOW experience for them. Amara is Awesome!


Sanjay Baxla

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